Wow, 17 Years! Really?

by | May 12, 2015 | Blog | 0 comments

Olde Rhinebeck Inn

It’s almost impossible to believe the remarkable pace of the passage of time. Blog writing, this is new for me. I like to talk and tell stories, and consider myself comfortable in that arena. Typing however, is slow and a bit torturous for me, but there are many new things pushing me out of my comfort zone right now like redoing and updating our website to be in sync with the changing technological environment, now mobile friendly, too. Whadda ya think? I’m writing this on the eve of it’s launch, so be forgiving, as I’m sure we will have plenty kinks to iron out.

I am conflicted. I genuinely seek to share with those guests who have graced this house and my life with their stories and also wanting reach out to future guests with an invite to “join the party”, so to speak. Yet simultaneously, I don’t want to sit here at this computer, or encourage others to spend more time in front of theirs. There was a shift in the weather, a break from a week of near 90 temps in early May and have been feeling tethered to our tiny office, so I took a much needed walk up Wurtemburg Road, to the church and graveyard. Technology seems to be scarfing up more and more of our time. I want to sit in the company of people in the flesh and engage in the art of conversation. I’m super lucky, that’s what our breakfasts are about, lingering, sharing, verbal exchange, it’s nice. We went to Ireland last year and without a doubt the best part was joining in their tradition of evening song, music, poetry and story and joke telling. They say that the younger generation is losing the ability to read subtle emotional facial cues because they are texting and looking down at a screen and not into the eyes of a human. So, calling all millennials, buck the trend and travel back in time to when people sat down at a table together for a meal and talked. Consider this your formal invitation.

There’s nothing like a walk through a cemetery to remind you of the passage of time and to remain present and grateful for the gifts we behold in this life. I am grateful for Cindy, my best friend, who many can’t believe she gave up living in Kauai to move back to her hometown of Rhinebeck. She returned with energy and spirit in abundance and loves to leave her positive, tidy and artful imprint on everything she touches. Without question, life is better with her here. We laugh ourselves silly daily and whoever said business and friends don’t mix, just didn’t have the right friends.

For those of you close to me, you know that 17 is my lucky number, (and now you all know) so I plan on celebrating this special anniversary all year long. Let’s begin now. To reward those that made it through my entire first blog post, I would like to extend a 17% discount on your next stay, valid Sunday through Thursday. Use coupon code LUCKY17 and just book and stay by May 17, 2016.

Really hope to see you soon,


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